Enjoy spectacular sunsets over the Camden Hills beyond Penobscott Bay. Hear ospreys and gulls, wind in the trees, crickets, waves lapping the shore, occasional lobster boats hauling traps in the harbor, and the clinking of a few boats on their moorings. These secluded, peaceful homes are surrounded with spruce trees and rocky ledges. This unforgettable view was recently designated one of the twelve best views in the entire state of Maine by a state cultural commision.

Stepping off the ferry onto the island of North Haven is like entering a different world. The town consists of a tiny post office, peaceful library, busy boat-yard (where one can buy lobsters and hardware), two gift shops and three restaurants, an American Legion post, yacht club, and a dozen well-tended 19th-century houses with lawns stretching down to the one-lane Main Street.

A scenic fifteen-minute drive from town brings you to Bartlett's Harbor, which is perfect for rowing and exploring. There are three Allen houses are on the southwest side of the harbor. The Red House is directly above the tide-line, and is separated from The Barnacle by a lawn, the Boathouse, a meadow, and a dirt driveway. The Barnacle sits on a ledge above our third house. The third Allen house is not for rent because it is used by the Allen family all summer; if tenants have questions, one of the Allens can be reached immediately.

Guests of The Red House and The Barnacle, along with the Allen family, share a boathouse, a pier, one rocky beach, and one pebbly beach in a sheltered cove. Children and most adults love to comb the beaches for mussels, crabs, starfish, sea shells, sea glass, and driftwood. The intrepid may enjoy a bracing swim from the pier or the cove. Tenants may also use one of our rowboats. A mooring for large boats is available for rent.

Walks along the local roads might yield sightings of a bald eagle as well as many ospreys and cormorants; wild raspberries and blackberries depending on the season; myriad wildflowers for bouquets; and a different scenic view at every turn.

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